Planning and the Future

East Plan
East Plan
Possible view of the new chapels


The Voice this week, 7th November, included an article about the planning permission which we are seeking for the refurbishment of the Chapels. Only time will tell if our plans are accepted but this is the exciting next step. Then we have to apply to the Lottery again for funding, and raise a matched amount for ourselves. Its a big job but with support from the community we shall be able to make these beautiful buildings into something useful for everyone again instead of watching them fall into disrepair. More volunteers are always welcome, as are new ideas for fundraising and participation events.

One thought on “Planning and the Future

  1. chapelsadmin says:

    September 2020 : The planning was passed, just have to raise the money now. Sadly the Lottery is focussing on the Covid-19 requirements so we shall have to wait for a while.

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