East Plan View

Planning and the Future

East Plan
Possible view of the new chapels


The Voice this week, 7th November, included an article about the planning permission which we are seeking for the refurbishment of the Chapels. Only time will tell if our plans are accepted but this is the exciting next step. Then we have to apply to the Lottery again for funding, and raise a matched amount for ourselves. Its a big job but with support from the community we shall be able to make these beautiful buildings into something useful for everyone again instead of watching them fall into disrepair. More volunteers are always welcome, as are new ideas for fundraising and participation events.


Remembrance Sunday

November is the time to remember before all the excitement of Christmas starts.

This coming Saturday, 9th November at the Chapels in the Park Road cemetery we shall be taking a walk around the graves of the fallen from any wars to remember them and lay crosses. Each year more research is done and we find more servicemen who have given their lives for our safety. So we wish to pay our respects to each one. If you would like to join us from 2pm to 4pm, everyone is welcome.

Group emb2

Chapels Window Embroidery

This project was lead by Fiona Gurney of Box of Frogs. A small group worked on it through the winter of 2017/18. Fiona painted the canvas backing and then the group added patchwork and a border. As usual under her guidance a brilliant piece of work grew out of all sorts of tiny fabric pieces. The completed work hangs in the Reading Rooms in Holbeach for all hall-users to see.

There will be another project with Fiona, probably in 2020. News about theĀ  upcoming work will be shared later in the year.

Chapels Window Embroidery
Another project in 2018